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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Showershock, Investigators fighting over the Book of Mormon, and funniest conclusion jump EVER


This stuff is called Sobremeza. Quite good!

 This week was a great one! Working with Elder Kupp has been a big change, but has been great. First of all some quick crazy stuff. The other morning I was taking a shower, and I reached up to switch the temperature of the shower head, and without realizing it I touched the copper contacts on the top, and ended shocking the heck outta myself :D Haha, shocking yourself if the weirdest thing ever, I didn't know what was going on. Pretty powerful shock though.
 Anyways, last week we found a kid named Jonatan, and he was in pretty bad shape. 23 and addicted to drugs, drinking, had 2 kids that he'd fathered, it was a sad deal. But, with the help of the Gospel, we helped him totally turn his life around. It was the fastest baptism ever, cuz we found him 2 saturdays ago, he went to church last sunday, came to sacrament this week, a member gave him a ride to the Zone Leader's church to get interviewed, he came back, and got baptized!! It was so cool. I was a little worried at first cuz of how fast it was, but right after I said the prayer and baptized him, the Spirit gave me the sweetest confirmation that everything will be good with him. Last friday, Jonatan's mom Nilza, called us up and said, "I have a problem. Jonatan keeps taking the Book of Mormon to work... And so it's never here at the house for me to read... Can I get a copy for myself?" Music to a missionaries ears :) She should be baptized this week if all goes well, and I just love working with families. On monday we went by the house to teach Nilza, and had an interesting experience. As we walked up, Jonatan was in the road acting all crazy and screaming with his friend, and we looked over, and he was holding none other than a big ol' can of beer in his hand... Elder Kupp and I looked at each other and disbelief. With Jonatan just being baptized the day before, Elder Kupp got ticked and said, "Que é isso em seu mão?" (What is this in your hand?) And Jonatan just innocently answered, "What are you talking about?" And it turned out that he had filled a can with gasoline to wash the car paint off of his hands.... Hahaha, we felt so bad for our lack of faith in him. Such a great kid, he's going to be amazing in this church. It's been so amazing to see the change in his life. That's one of my favorite parts of this work is seeing how someone can have an absolutely horrible trash-fest of a life (because of drugs and drinking and etc) and then how the Gospel and Atonement can come into their life and completely turn them around and give them that true happiness they've been seeking for. And in this case in only a short 8 days :) Man it's a blessing to be a part of this work. We had an absolutely amazing leadership training on monday, and there is really going to be a whole new era of success here in Belo Horizonte. President Parrella is getting so much revelation for this mission, Mission Presidents are truly amazing. He had me bless the food in front of all the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Trainers in the mission... and me legs were shaking so hard and heart was beating so fast that I almost passed out :D
 I don't have much time left, but next week we get to prepare people to go to General Conference!!! I can't even wait!! So excited to hear the words of our Prophets. This church is such a blessing! I'm so grateful to be helping others recieve this joy that nothing else can bring. Hurrah for Israel!!!
 -Elder Ballard]

My attempt at crepes

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