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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nother transfer!?! Bittersweet I must say... Goodbyes and Last walk through Sete Lagoas

Boy oh boy... It never ceases to amaze me how these transfers blow past. 6 weeks used to seem like it was forever.
Well, this past week has been a great one. Like I said, today I'm already in my next area. These last few days were basically made up of saying goodbye to members and recent converts in 7 Lakes. It was kinda bitter sweet cuz I really really enjoyed that area, it was a really great place to work. That family that I talked about last week was super hard to say goodbye to, you end up making relationships based off of spirituality that end up being a LOT stronger and deeper, so it was sad saying bye to them. They're all progressing really well for baptism though, so here in a month or so I'm hoping to recieve news from Elder Da Rosa who will stay there. It was hilarious this week when you leave their house, you have to walk a mile or 2 on just loose dirt road to get back to the city. The road has a lot of cars and buses that pass, so you get super super dirty. Anyways, where a car passes and kicks up a ton of dirt we end up using our ties as breathing filters (see photo) and always get a laugh out of it. Anyways, on Saturday we realized that all the cars that were driving past were laughing at our use of ties. We looked up ahead and saw a guy walking his bike in the other direction, and even with all the dust, was pushing his bike with both hands. So me and my comp were like, "Well look at that... We must be wannies needing to cover our noses and mouths." So we were a little embarrased of our weakness, until we got up close and realized he was wearing one of those World War 2 style gas masks :D Hahaha, we about died laughing thinking that he was just toughing it out and then saw his gas mask.. Man I love Brazil.
   It sure is weird getting transferred again... I'm in an area now called Veneza (which being translated is Venice, like in Rome) and when I was explaining it to some converts they got all bummed and shocked cuz they thought I was moving to Europe :D Haha... Anyways, I don't have a whole ton else to tell about cuz we just got here today. My comp's name is Elder Gaertner, and he only has 2 transfers left. It's been interesting being with these older missionaries lately, I sure learn a lot. Anyways I'll have more about this area and the work this next week. Everything is going good here though, I'm happy, excited, safe, and plump (hopefully I can lose some weight in this area haha) I love this work and am so very grateful for the trust the Lord gives in letting us missionaries have such an amazing privilege and opportunity. This Church is True!!! One day we truly will have the opportunity of being judged by God and Christ, and I know that if we do our part we WILL one day recieve all the blessings we've earned. Hoorah for Israel!! Hoorah!
 -Elder Ballard
the dusty road we travelled down...

while using ties for gas masks...

to visit this amazing humble family!

beautiful chapel!

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