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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Couple of Downs, but the Recoveries are always Great :) Package came!!!

7 Lagoas at Night. Very pretty

Well, it is pretty overwhelming realizing that I've already almost burnt out my 19th year of my life and that I'm almost hitting the double decade mark. Seriously, I still feel like a little 17 year old, just with a ton of other responsibilities. As seen by that cockroach video, I'm still the same spaztic Redge every once in a while haha. It's even weirder to me to think that I've already almost hit the half way mark of my mission. I can't believe the way time passes out here, and I still feel like this is my new life and that it'll never end. It's weird too cuz one of my good mission buddies, Elder Duckett (he's from Provo. I met him here on the mission though) is going home a week from today. He was my first AP when I got here on the mission and throughout the past 7 months in brazil has helped me learn a ton. Anyways, it's just weird to realize that he's going home in a week and that it's basically the end of talking to him anymore. I dunno how to explain it... You just forget how the world keeps trucking along and that there's more to the rest of life than just the mission :D Next week's gunna be fun though, cuz we have a training meeting on my birthday, so I'll be able to see some of my mission buds on my mission, and if all goes as normal my bday lunch will be Subway!! At least it'll be a day a little bit different than normal. Oh also, monday will be when we normally get transfer calls, so that'll make it even more interesting.
  The two packages as well as the big old letter got to my right on time yesterday, and since it's a rule that we can't read letters or open packages when it's not pday, I opened up everything this morning. I even set up my little tripod and filmed it so that you guys can see how it was for me :D The video file ended up being really big though, so I dunno if i'll have a way to send it or not. Anyways, thank you so so so so much for the package and letters. Seriously, reading all you guys' letters and testimonies is overwhelmingly encouraging. Lots of times out here us missionaries get kinda downed and focused in the people that won't accept the gospel, and forget that we have tons and tons and tons of people already firmly following this amazing church. If I'm doing my job and teaching with power and authority, it's only people's agency that can get in the way of the Lord's will.
  This week was a little tough cuz we had a bunch of people to take to church and no one went, but I've learned some very important things about faith and having confidence in the Lord, regardless of what happens. It's been amazing to me the way the Lord is helping me learn and grow. I'll have a better email next week with more meat and details to it, today we have a ton of stuff to do so I'm not able to write everything. I love this work and am SO grateful for everything that the Lord and all of you do. Once again thank you so much for your testimonies! Hurrah for Israel!!
 -Elder Ballard

Elder Duckett. Such a powerhouse missionary, I'm gunna miss this guy.

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