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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stuck in an elevator, Rain hasn't let up, and meet yet another one! ...And it's thanksgiving? Oh...

For crying out loud, I am so grateful that Idaho doesn't have so much rain like it does here haha :D

Elder Santana, comp #SIXTEEN!

Well, this week's been a rainy one. The weather here is kinda crazy cuz you can wake up to sunny blue skies, leave the house without an umbrella, and by 6 that night the rain is coming down in buckets :) Reminds me a little bit of the crazy days that Rexburg has but with snowing while it's sunny and all that. I can't lie, I really miss the cold. Other than weather this week has been awesome. We had a really good sunday, we brought 4 people to church and they were very very prepared to go, they all loved it and if all continues going well, we should have 2 or 3 people that will baptize this weekend! I'm praying and working so hard cuz they are super special people. Well, monday was yet again the end of another transfer, and as ridiculous as it is, my companion was transfered out haha... So, as of today I am with yet another companion, Elder Santana. He's from the northwestern part of Brazil, and he seems like he's gunna be a really good missionary. I don't even know what to think really, but man, I don't think it's all that normal to swap companions so often haha. Oh well though, like i did with the last one, guess I'll just go with it.
  Yesterday was a funny experience. Me and Elder Cavalheiro went to the airport (it's like 15 mins from our area) to get the newly arrived missionaries. There were 9 new elders and 2 new sisters. We took that back into Belo Horizonte, took them to President's house to eat lunch, (Sister Parrella already has their whole house decked out with Christmas decorations :D weird eh?) and then headed back to the office. The office here is in a skyscraper building, and the office is on the 10th floor. So, we were taking the elevator, and being excited missionaries, we thought it'd be smart to put all 11 of us elders in the same elevator. Luckily the 2 sisters had already gone up by themselves. So, we all got in like sardines, the doors shut, and then... The elevator jolted, did like a 'tried-to-pull-upward' motion, went down a little bit, and then continued to sink lower and lower.... With that the doors locked, and we were trapped. Think of that, 11 19-23 year old men in a 10x12 foot elevator, half of them wearing suits... Yeah... we tried prying the doors open, the door watcher guy tried cutting the power, we tried saying a prayer, but all in all, we were stuck in there for about 25 minutes... Haha, it was insane. I'm already used to crazy happenings so I just say there in the back corner fanning myself, but all the new elders started freaking out, "It's SOOO HOOOTT!!!!' "I'm sick... help! We need water!!!" "Someone call the fire department!" Wow, besides the heat and sweatiness, it was SO funny from my point of view. After about 15 minutes, the perspiration and 11 sets of lungs going made it so humid that the walls started to "sweat" as well, and only 1 elder who was at the front was about to open the doors about 3 inches and breath fresh air. Finally someone called a repairman and he simply pressed a button and opened it up without any problems. When we got out we found out that we'd sank like 2 feet under ground level, it was hilarious. I'll try and get the video from my new comp so that I can show how it was :)
  Well, other than that it's been a pretty normal week. I'm learning a lot through trials as well as blessings, and am really excited for these next coming days. It's weird realizing that it's thanksgivinig (I realized just now when I opened my email haha) cuz time just flies by. I'm kinda tripping out that december is almost here as well, we're already marking dates for people for the 4th, so it's really setting in fast how quick this year has gone and how many crazy and amazing experiences I've had. Thanks for everything family and friends, I'm so grateful for your love and support. I hope all you have a good thanksgiving break, miss you all but I love this work. Hurrah for Israel!!!
  -Elder Ballard

Heading to transfers
My trainer Elder Fernandes finally ended his mission today :( Kinda a sad feeling seeing them finish... He sure did an awesome work though.

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