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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December? What the flapjack?! Christmas is on its way

There went november already... It's the weirdest thing now that I've been out for over a year cuz now I can read back in my journal at what I was doing, ex. back in Houston :D Weiiiird.
I cut the other 2 missionaries's hair today, as well as my own this week.

The apron had been lost in my suitcase, but it fulfilled
 its purpose on my "thanksgiving"

Man, people are putting up their one string of Christmas lights, and I even heard some Christmas music blasting the other day! It is so weird that 2011 is already in its last month.... And even crazier that Christmas is almost here. The weather here doesn't change all that much during the year, so I haven't felt like december would ever come. It's hot, humid, and rainy, so definitely not the tradition that I'm used to :) Really weird imagining how this is normal for the people of Brazil. I'm realizing lately that I am so grateful to have seasons. Idaho is awesome for that. Even though we have whacked out winters and all, it keeps things interesting, always.
 Well... this week wasn't very eventful. We found a family that is showing an amazing amount of potential, but for the moment I don't have a whole lot to share about them haha. This next week has a huge potential for people that can (and will haha) be baptized, and I'm just in a mood to work my tail off now. I've had like 8 weeks or so in this area, and I'm at that totally-accustomed mode where we're just working like crazy. I feel bad that this weeks letter's kinda a dud, but I promise that this next week'll be a lot better. Even though no huge miracles are happening, it's amazing how just the couple hours of study time that we have each day have amazingly big impacts on my testimony. I think that this has been one of the biggest blessings of my mission is that my testimony has moved from just "a cool thing to think about" to an absolute reality. It's been such an amazing experience learning for myself the reality of Joseph Smith, the First Vision, the Restoration, and especially the Plan of Salvation. I don't know how many of you have already experienced this, but having the Spirit testify to you of the reality of the Celestial Kingdom? Talk about motivation!!! This life is so great and the plan of the Lord for out salvation is even greater. I love being a missionary! I can't believe that someday this mission'll have an end... until then though, I'm just not gunna think about it and go to work :) Love you all!! Thank you for you love and prayers! I truly felt the power that they bring during this week. Hurrah for Israel!!! Hurraaah!!! - Elder Ballard

I decided I couldn't let thanksgiving pass just cuz I forgot, so I had a week late Thanksgiving feast. Gravy thanks to Aust's recipe, and I even had the luck of finding jelly!!!

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