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Saturday, September 17, 2011

What the year... It CANT be !!? Blessed with 2 baptisms!!

biggest honkin' cold sore ever

Well, I burned a little time reading all the letters today (not a bad thing haha) so I'll just tell about this week really fast. This past week has been great cuz it was SOLID work. We didn't have to go to BH at all so it's just been straight up teaching. We've been getting like 5 or 6 lessons per day in, so it's been a blessing. The Lord blessed us with the baptisms of Helena and Ygor that I talked about last week, and man was it great. I look back to that night when we found them and it's so cool how the Lord guided us and had them be so elect. Helena's other son Yago (ee-ah-go) that doesn't live with them also came to watch the baptism, and he is absolutely excited for his baptism this next week. We have stake conference in 7 lagoas this sunday so we have to leave on a church bus (it'll just be members and investigators) at 5:45 on sunday morning, so it'll be a test of faith of all the people that said they'd go to church.

  One other thing that I thought I'd talk about is the weather. Last sunday was probably the hottest day I've had on my mission. I don't know absolutely for sure, but pretty sure it got up to about 44 degrees celsius, which is something like 110 F... it was a scorcher. Even though I had my nose cauterized 8 months ago, I've been getting bloody noses again haha. It's crazy cuz Curvelo's only like 2 or 3 hours more north than my other areas I've been in but it's SO hot up here, crazy stuff. We'll see if I stay here for a long time, cuz september isn't even close to being summer here. If I stick around here until december or something, good luck to me haha.

 Well, the work is going really well here, and I've been focusing a lot of strengthening my faith, and my confidence in the Lord is growing every day. I love so much being a missionary. I can't believe that I hit a year today (or maybe it's tomorrow, don't know how it works haha) and I can't even imagine how time is gunna keep flying. Thanks for everything you all do, this church is so wonderful. It is so true!! Oh yeah, I was talking to Elder Helsten the other day, and he told me that while he's been on the mission his parents got divorced. He says that the fault of his dad was simply that he wasn't reading his scriptures every day. His dad is the son-in-law of Elder Nelson...  So I just wanted to give a little word of, I dunno if the word is warning, but just keep on reading and praying EVERY day. No one is exempt to the bad influences that are out there, but I know that doing the simple things every single one of us will stay firm and strong in the gospel. Hurrah for Israel!!!

  -Elder Ballard 

Helena and Ygor!

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