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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 brings some crazy changes with the mission. Let's do this thing!!!

Interesting how the years even end up passing by fast... I was blowing my own mind remembering back to the year 2000 and a vivid memory of me and Breck Wightman hitting pillows on a plastic basketball hoop in excitement :D Haha so ridiculous how memories can last so long...

   Nat - I loved hearing about the Christmas dance!!! I will agree with you that I as well want really bad to have a wife that dances ballroom, or at least a wife that will want to learn. Since you obviously can't dance on the mission, I find myself having dreams sometimes about swing or something and in my head my brain is like, "Hold up... it's been WAY long... do I even remember the steps?" Haha, I'm gunna relearn when I go back to BYU for sure.  

  Aust - I agree with you Aust that portugues is gunna be so fun to have in the family. I sure hope that we can teach other members of the fam, future kids, my future wife, etc. It was so awesome hearing about that restaurant... I've been to Tucanos once, and it was sooo good. It's weird re-eating foods here that I vaguely remember from before. That one that you're talking about sounds even better cuz of the brazilians mesmo. I'm so sad hearing about the lack of Guaraná that'll happen after the mish :( So so lame... It's funny you talking about the mission dying off at the end, cuz in this mission, 80% of the missionaries have less than a year out here, so there's hardly anyone left that I know from the beginning... super weird. 

Alan and Jardell
   Well, I'll be kinda quick since yes, I did spent a little more time than usual reading emails haha. BUT, it was completely worth it, thank you. So, new years was really good and I couldn't even sleep cuz of the sporatic fireworks that people were setting off all night haha... But the work went good and we had a great week. Last sunday we took a guy named Alan to church, and talk about being elect. He loved church, told us how he's already going to tell all his friends, already brought his friend Jardell to a message, wants us to teach his mom, it's amazing cuz he's already full of the missionary spirit. I would baptize him this next sunday, but today I was transferred again :) 

  My new area is called Jardim Canadá (Canada Garden), and who would have thought that I'd get to serve in a place named after Dad's mission :D My new comp is named Elder Cerutti (Ser-ooch) and he's from the south of Brazil. He seems like an awesome missionary, and we're super stoked to work here. I'm just barely getting to know the area, but I'll tell you more how it is next week. Things are great here and I"m loving this start of the new year! Happy and prosperous new year to you all!! Hurrah for Israel!!!

Zilvande and Jair's goodbyes
   -Elder Ballard 
This is Fatima and Jefferson. She's the missionaries "mom" here, I ate with her on New Years, and Jefferson will get his mission call this month. I love the city of Vespasiano :)

Helena and Lucas. Jorge was working so we couldn't
 say bye :( But they'll get married and baptized
 on the 21st of Jan! I'm so excited for them!!!
This is Daminão and his family, they should be
 finally getting married and baptized here in a couple months

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