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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

8 Men at Church, 2/3 mark, and the Sun finally arrives!!!

Never ceases to annoy me how the human race is never EVER satisfied with the weather. I was annoyed with the rain that I was always wet, and now that the sun came back I'm annoyed about sweating and being sunburnt haha. Once a Rexburgian always a Rexburgian.

Well this last sunday was about the most miraculous that I've had in a while. We had like 3 men that had firmly agreed to go to church, but when sunday arrived out of nowhere we had a bunch of others decide that they wanted to go! 2 of them went to churches in other cities in Minas, one arrived like 15 minutes late, came by motorcycle, and another 5 came with us missionaries. It was amazing how the Lord is beginning to bless this area, cuz this group needs Melchizedek Priesthood holders SO badly. Out of these 8 guys, it's looking like at least 4 of them have extremely good chances of baptizing, and even better, they have other friends whom they're inviting to go to church as well. It's amazing how the Lord blesses each area with exactly what it's needing. Euler is super super anxious for his baptism. He went to the doctor yesterday and every single time he just sits there and hounds them to take his IV deal out. We don't know exactly when, but the way his faith and prayers are growing, I know it'll be soon :)

   So last saturday was my 1 year in Brazil mark, and I read back on some journal entries from when I got to Brazil, and it is SO funny how culture shocked I was!! I'm super excited to show you all some of my journal entries cuz they are quite honestly really humorous. I've changes so dang much this last year... It's amazing what the Lord has helped me change and what He's helped me become. Sunday marked my 16 month mark... And as strange as that is it marks my 2/3 mark of my mission!! AH!!! That scared me when I realized it! I don't understand how it's been an entire 16 months since I've left... It blows my mind imagining how much I've changed, and how much all of you have changed, and everything else. Each day seems to pass so quick that I feel like I can barely keep up with it. The time in between my morning prayer and my night prayer seems super fast... I'm sure every missionary feels this way but it's totally taking me off-guard haha.

   Well, this next week looks like it's gunna be one of the most eventful and exciting weeks of my mission, we have SO much potential to help these people get baptized and help this little group grow!! The people here are amazing, and I am just loving every minute out here. I've been reading 1 conference talk p/day ever since I got Mom's package, and is it not such an enormous blessing to have these living prophets? I can't believe how simple yet how profound their talks are. It's such simple doctrines and principles but putting them into practice is having such massive and profound differences on the way my life goes. I am so grateful for the many many priveleges we have as members of this great church. Let's never take it for granted and be examples of the believers!!! Hurrah for Israel!!!

   -Elder Ballard

- This place is called Canada cuz it basically has pine trees!
 I have no idea how cuz I've never seen even one pine
 tree in any other part of the state. Interesting eh?

Here we have church at 2pm, so instead of making a big
 lunch the members make breakfast, it's delish.

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