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Friday, May 25, 2012

Difficulties bring about the Motivation!

I sure am learning a lot in this area, it's always interesting to me how the Lord shapes missionary's growth, this week was super interesting.
  Not a whole lot to report this week. This last sunday was kinda a trial that sparked some great motivation though. We had about 13 people to take to church, made up of 3 different families, and when it came down to the very last minute, randomly everyone bailed on us... It was so weird. One family the dad got called in to work early so the mom and kids didn't want to go without him, one other family the dad left really early and didn't get back in time to make it to church, it was really weird. So it was just one of those roller coaster moments where one minute we have a whole bunch of families progressing for baptism next week, and out of nowhere all this random stuff pops up. I dunno, it was just kinda a bummer sitting there at church without investigators. Our recent converts are going strong and all, but you just can't get that full happiness when you don't have the newcomers at your side. It ended up being a huge motivator this week though. We sat down for weekly planning and stuff and we're just trying to step it up a notch in all aspects that we can. It's been a long time since I've been in an area for 8 or 9 weeks like this area, but I'm confident that stuff's gunna work out. About that guy on the motorcycle who helped us find Vinicius, we later found out that it was our District President. He had been visiting another branch in a city where a missionary who was working in this area a few months back was, and the missionary told him, who then told us that one night. Vinicius was confirmed this last week and he's progressing super well. That guy's a powerhouse :)
  Sorry that I don't have a whole ton to talk about this week. I'm hitting that point where I'm so used to the normal missionary schedule that I feel like I've already talked about the stuff that isn't exactly "special" haha. But things are great here, and I'm super glad hearing that everyone's doing good as well. If I remember right school's already out for you guys isn't it? Hope you all have a fun summer vacation! Love you all, hurrah for Israel!
   -Elder Ballard

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