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Monday, January 17, 2011

November 5th

(Elder Melvin J. Ballard and Elder Ballard)

Hi Family!
I'll respond first like i usually do. Thanks for writing me some in portuguese! That was so awesome to be able to understand! Mom-That would be awesome to do a blog!! Then my friends could see pictures and my letters and stuff. Also put on there that I really like hand written letters from people :) Cuz... i got one letter this week haha. And i don't NEED letters to live, but with it being the 8th week, anything to break the monotany is very VERY appreciated.
Alrighty, now I'll actually talk about other stuff. So firstly, last Sunday an elder (actually from Idaho Falls) sand a song called something like "My Kindness Shall Not Depart from Thee" and you should see if it's on iTunes or something because it is AMAZING. It's about when Joseph was in liberty jail and I just know you'll love it if you can find it. This weeks, believe it or not, we had ELDER BALLARD come!!! 3 in a row?! What are the chances!! Plenty of people were asking me if I was related which was entertaining. But man, I never cease to be amazed at how powerful of speakers apostles are. He talked about becoming a master communicator and just like the other apostles, it got me SO excited for the field!! Especially with my departure date being 10 days from today I am getting SOO ready for it!! We'll see if this week has another apostle in store or not :) During this week I was studying and had some points hit me really hard about member missionary work. As I read it it made me think of you all a lot, and looks like it's pretty similar to what Bishop is talking about to. I found some points in PMG about it, after reading the Tree of Life vision that Lehi had. That vision really made me realize that once we've tasted this gospel, it's our DUTY to share it with other people. We need to have that desire to share it because if not, the Lord isn't going to want to give us more because He will know we won't share it. One of the coolest things it said was something to the effect of "The Lord pormises to help members know what to say and do AS THEY SHARE THE GOSPEL." This kinda of point has been hitting me really hard lately, a lot of the times we need faith in the Lord and to do works BEFORE we receive the blessings. It also said something like "We need to be praying for the opportunities to share the gospel and do missionary work." It made me think of the people that live in the Yellow house and of Ellises. I know that I NEVER prayed for opportunities to teach people before the mission, and maybe this is why I never had opportunities. I just challenge you all to start praying for things like this, I and know the Lord really will give you all opportunities. Whether it's just to do service or actually share the gospel or invite them to hear the gospel, the Lord will give opportunities. My testimony grows every day out here family. The Lord loves us so so so very much. Thank you all for helping me so much before the mission to get to this point where I'm at. I couldn't be more grateful for the Lord leading me the way He has, and I can't wait to serve Him more wether it be in Brazil or stateside or wherever. I love you all family!!

-Elder Ballard

PS - Btw, next time i write, I'll have my reassignment! (or visa maybe haha) We'll receive it next wednesday so I'll tell you soon! And also, sorry for my horrible english. I spelled "deep" as "deek" this week so... down hill from here :P

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