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Friday, January 21, 2011

We didn't know it--but last letter from Texas!

Greetings everyone!!

 Alrighty, well first of all, saturday night I found out that I'm getting transferred! (?) Weird huh? I'm being transferred a little ways north to a place called Huntsville, and I'm going to be with an elder named Elder Galmocker, who's actually Spanish speaking.. So I'll be in what's called a zebra companionship (Since it's half portuguese/english half spanish, I guess it's more of a tiger companionship ;] ) so I'm extremely curious to see what it's like. I'll be actually transferred tomorrow, so I'm pretty anxious. But... hearing about Sister Hamaker getting her Visa really gets me curious for when everything's gunna happen. Doesn't necessarily mean anything about me, but it's good to know somethings at least happening. If Holly has any other specific details about what happened with Sister Hamaker, definitely relay them to me, cuz now I'm extremely curious :D Well, this computer has been a moron today, so I'm kinda short on time, but we have Hannah set to be baptized on January 30th! I dunno if I'll be here now, but just knowing she's going to get baptized makes all the work here in Conroe worth it. I apologize for the lame short letter, but thanks everyone for the great emails this week, and I promise next week I'll have a better one. Love you all!

-Elder Ballard

Ribs at Sinclairs--last night in Texas

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