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Monday, January 17, 2011

October 29, 2010

Provo temple, Elder Ballard and companion Elder Alexandre

Absolutely Awesome District 33A, from top left to right: Elders Bitner, Hilton, Hansen, Christensen, Holliday Bottom: Elder Helsten (Elder Russel M. Nelson's grandson), Elders Ison, Sisters Woodland and Hamaker, Elder Bushnell, Alexandre and Ballard!

Oi familia!!
Firstly i'll reply to everying :)
Aust- Speaking of Jimmy Stuart accents, one night when we were getting ready for bed I asked some elders in my district if they'd seen Wonderful Life, and then entertained them with some MARY!!! and MISTER GOWER!!!ing, quite enjoyable. Me and some elders were talking about land before time and how sad it is that Ducky had to go ruin Spike's life and make him retarded by opening his shell prematurely... mwahaha. Thanks for the letter
Mom- The rest of the district didn't get that great of seats for that devotional but because we knew where Elder Helsten was we watched and all got a little teary eyed. Elder Ison (his companion) about flipped his lid though, I would have too standing that close and watching your companion hug an Apostle!!
Alright, this week was aaaaamazing. On monday night, my teacher Brother James got really serious at the end and told us all that he needed our help. He's getting engaged soon and is going to get married next june. Then he told us how his dad isn't active and that he want's to reactivate him so he can be there when he gets married in the temple. So he asked us all for imput or ideas on how he could talk to him. It was so touching that he had the trust in all of us to help him with something this personal and special. After this night the Lord made me realize that there are SUCH important reasons that my visa hasn't come yet. I know I've felt the spirit a lot here and everything but the Lord really showed me why that night. This was the first real "investigator" we've had and the Spirit has been so strong as I've tried to find out how I can help him with this situation. As if this wasn't good enough, on Tuesday who should speak but Elder Scott!!!! What are the chances of two in a row!!! Over the summer I remember specifically listening to some of his talks and I got so excited to hear him. He talked about ways we could obtain the Spirit in our lives which was perfect because it was something I'd been praying to learn better, and from some of his other talks I knew that this was one aspect of the gospel he was extremely "pro" on. The talk was absolutely amazing, I'll try and get you a copy of the handout he gave us with it because it is amazing. The coolest part of the whole talk though was at the end. As he was closing up, he stopped and said something to the effect of, "I don't say this as Elder Scott, I say this as an Apostle ordained of God who holds all the keys of the kingdom of God: To you elders that are learning a language, I invoke upon you the Gift of Tongues." He then went on to explain that words, phrases, grammer, everything would come faster. As if this wasn't amazing enough, he then invoked upon us a gift of confidence in this gift and in our potential. I've NEVER felt the Spirit so strongly testify to me that an apostle of God was talking to us. This was EXACTLY what I, along with everyone in the district, needed to hear. At the very end he testified of the reality of Christ and I literally felt a wave of warmth come over me and my heart, and afterwards I literally felt the Lord wrap his arms around me. I've never ever ever felt so close to Christ as I did that night. He literally does know and love us. He is real. I know that Christ lives. That night as the district discussed all this, we decided that because of this renewed blessing of the Gift of Tongues, we would speak Portuguese from here on out. So as of today, this is the 3rd day straight of speaking only portuguese. Is this a miracle or what? I've begun reading my scriptures in portuguese only and I've felt the gift of tongues SO powerfully. I was reading and couldn't figure out these 3 huge words, and after a couple minutes of thinking I just "knew" that they were "cursed, sore, and curse" How amazing is that? I cannot even explain how amazing these past few days have been. There is a reason why my visa hasn't come yet. I'm so thankful to the Lord that He has worked on my even though I haven't known the entire reasons why. God loves us and works SO intimately in our lives. He has led my life so much up to this point and all I can do is continue to strive to be the kind of servant that He can trust to recieve promptings and go where He wants me to. The Church is true family!!! I love this gospel sooooo much. Never doubt that God loves us all SO much. I love you family!! Thank you some much for all you do! I pray for you all every night! Until next week!

-Elder Ballard

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