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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Count your countless blessings!

Allo to all! Well, this week was yet another week of countless blessings... This mission just gets better and better and better :)

   Well cuz of college scholarship essays this'll be really fast. We were absolutely blessed with one of the very most elect baptisms I've seen on my mission. Her name is Jandira, she's 25 and about 10 days ago she moved to 7 Lagoas and ran into the missionaries that were here before us. She went to church 2 weeks ago, absolutely loved it, and then was baptized this last sunday!! Seriously she is SO prepared, and it is so apparent that she was led here by the Lord to find the church. She's unmarried and has even told us about her desires to serve a mission here in a year!! It's amazing :) We are seeing so many blessing for these next weeks, we are finding people that are needing the gospel so much... Seriously every single day new people are showing up out of nowhere. I love this mission so much.

   So, my companion Elder Carneiro, after I talked to him some more, I found out that he was baptized 6 years ago when he was 15, and until now is the only member in his family. Last week when he checked his email, his parents went to church for the first time!!! To make things even better, this week he got emails from his dad and mom saying how much they loved the church, how they're reading the Book of Mormon, and seriously, we both about exploded with excitement. It is just a totally different thing when you can look at missionary work from both sides of the situation like this. I'm so excited to head to work this week, I just love everything about being out here :) I love Brazil, I love the people, the language, I'm just SO happy :D Love you all! Thank you for your prayers and I pray that all is well with you! Hurrah for Israel!!

  -Elder Ballard

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