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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Return to 7 Lagoas!!!

Haha, what do ya know, I'm now back in my old area of 7 Lagoas!! It's really trippy getting back here into the same apartment and same streets and lan house and everything. I'm stoked though cuz it simply means that the Lord has more people here that I didn't baptize the first time around, so now it's time to find them and help them receive the gospel!!

So, the last week in Jardim Canada was amazing. 2 saturdays ago we knocked a ladies door and she came out and said, "I've heard of you guys. My friend told me that all you guys do is pass in people's houses and invite them to be baptized in your church." (Usually people like this are SUPER closed and never accept even a visit.) E. Cerutti, "Yep that's us! But it's not in our church, it's in the Chruch of Jesus Christ. Can we come in and explain about the church for you?" She let us in and we taught her, Elizângela, and her 11 year old son. At the end, we invited her to be baptized on the 12th, and she was really iffy and didn't really accept, and just said she'd visit the church, but the Marcos, the son, said "But can I be baptized?" This called all of our attention and we explained to them about the church and marked to take the to church the next day. We took them to church and fasted that all the investigators that went to church would be able to feel the Spirit really strong and feel that the Lord's will for them was to be baptized. They watched Roni's baptism, and when we went back the next day, they BOTH were super open and excited about baptism!!! Over the week, she happily accepted to pour all her whiskey and homemade rum down the drain, and Marcos was hilarious when we explained about coffee. He asked his mom if he could pour the coffee out, she accepted and he went outside to poor it into a potted plant, and as he walked out he said, "It's a good thing that this plant won't be getting baptized!!" Hahahaha, we about died laughing. They progressed amazingly, and last Sunday they were both baptized!!! I baptized Elizângela first, and then Marcos, and the best feeling was baptizing him and looking over at just how proud she was of her son. Marcos has been telling us basically every day how excited he is to go on a mission. It was such a Spirit guided process for them cuz we don't even know what we did. I've never arrived at a person that's said, "Ah, I've already heard of you guys, etc" and has such a fast and stong conversion like they had... So amazing the miracles that Heavenly Father does in such a short amount of time.

Well, yesterday PResident called me up and told me that I'd be returning to 7 Lagoas with my new comp Elder Carneiro! He's from a city in Bahia called Serrinha. I've been talking to him and he's almost positive that he actually saw Austin when he was serving... Aust do you remember Ala Serrinha or Estaca Kalilândia in Feira de Santana? If you passed there then it was definitely you cuz he's almost positive he's seen you, I showed him a pic and everything. Wow would that not be nuts?! Sweet eh? 

I'm excited to help this city out again!!! At first I was a little weirded out to hear that I'd be going back to the same place, but then I've been thinking at just how many people I"ll be able to return and help! I already know the area so I won't waste time being lost, so I'm just gunna hit the ground running and go to work!

  Love you all so much! Happy v-tines yesterday, and how everything is going great with everyone! Until next week and Hurrah for Israel!!!

    -Elder Ballard

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