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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jardim Canada is blessed with another man!!!

Rone before his baptism!! His 8 year old daughter
 Julia should be getting baptized soon as well :)

   I'll be kinda quick this week, but this last sunday the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to baptized a man named Rone (Ho-knee) About 3 weeks ago we were kknocking doors and we weren't finding anyone. We knocked this one house and it was just people who were super closed... didn't even listen to us or let us in. As I was about to walk off, E. Cerutti looked around and saw a guy looking out of his window at us. He got his attention and we went in and taught him. He went to church with us a couple times, and the only thing that ended up holding him back was that he was living with this lady that's his girlfriend/fiance/wife thing... Basically they didn't know if they were gunna get married or keep living together or what. It was confusing. Anyways, after those two going to church together, starting to read the Book of Mormon, praying together, all those simple things, they stopped fighting and arguing, and decided that they probably wanted to get married. The girl, Patricia, decided that she'd go back to her family who lives in São Paulo to think things over and make the decision about marriage. So she went back there last week, and this allowed Rone to finally be baptized!!! It was amazing the day we did the baptismal invitiation: "So Rone, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ, and be baptized in His Church?" For you people who haven't served missions, if the person isn't elect they usually pull the, "Ahhh... I was already baptized in the Catholic church." or "Ahh... I think it's too soon for me to think about." But Rone, simply replied and said, "It's obvious that I will." Wow... it blew me away. Rone changed so much in the few weeks weve known him. He used to spend his weekends hanging out at bars, and getting into trouble with women, fighting with his girlfriend, etc. But this past saturday the day before his baptism, he spent his saturday picking up his daughter Julia who lives in 7 Lagoas, and taking here to the zoo. He told us that he's never ever done that with her in his life. I can't believe how amazing this gospel is. Even changes like that, to just give him desire to spend some quality time with his daughter... It's amazing what the Lord does. That was the highlight of my week, but I am just so grateful to be out here. I'm just loving my mission more and more with every week that goes by. I love our Saviour, I love this work. Hurrah for Israel!!!

   -Elder Ballard

After some random blessings of luck I managed to find
 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, as well as powdered sugar, so I made a
pumpkin cake/bread thing, and cream cheese frosting!!
 I about passed out it was so good... SO good.

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